Nettle Net Boat Pool
How hard are they to retrieve? Do they really fit back into the mesh bags?

They come in faster than they go out. Just untie the security line and raise your swim ladder while you or someone else holds onto the security line. Open the air valve on the Nettle Net Boat Pool and much of the air will rush right out. Gently gather the pool up from the water, hand over hand, until it is all laying on the deck or swim platform next to you. Let the water drain from the netting for a moment and then decide whether you want to dry the pool now or later. If you want to wait until you return to shore, you can let it sit (make sure it's in a protected area) or stuff it into a trash bag until you get to shore (just be sure not to throw away the trash bag!). In either case, give the pool a quick rinse with fresh water, and then let it dry in the sun. Since no parts of the pools absorb water, it should dry in an hour or less. When you are ready to store it, simply lay the pool out and find the end opposite the valve (there should be a tie strap there). With the valve in the open position, roll the float ring up, gathering the netting along with you as you roll. This will squeeze all of the air out of the float ring. When you are done rolling, put the valve back into the closed position and fold the pool over the valve to protect the valve. Put this folded portion of the pool into the mesh bag and then stuff the rest of the netting into the bag. Tighten the drawstring and you're ready to store the pool.  

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