Why Buy a Boat Pool?

You've always wanted a boat or a waterfront home, and you've finally achieved your dream, only to discover that, as soon as the water is  warm enough to swim in, the jellyfish arrive.  You want to use your boat, but you find yourself going out less and less because it's hot, and your kids won't swim because they are afraid of being stung. 

Or maybe you used to simply solve the problem by traveling to a different location until you found a jellyfish free spot to swim, but now the price of gas is making you want to stay closer to home. 

Whatever your unique situation, we think you'll agree that there is nothing more frustrating than taking family and friends out on your boat on a 90 degree day and not being able to cool off in the water.  Or having a party at your waterfront home and standing on your dock watching the jellyfish float by.  Or missing all the memories you could be making because you're just not using your boat.

Boats and waterfront homes are substantial investments and you want them to be enjoyed by the entire family.  You want to be able to enjoy the peace and solitude of anchoring and staying overnight in a secluded spot.  You want your loved ones to enjoy using your boat as much as you do.

Nettle Net BOAT POOLS protect you from jellyfish and get you and your family and friends in the water anytime, anywhere, regardless of the jellyfish.  They extend your boating season and help create memories that will last a lifetime - all this for a fraction of the cost of your original investment in your boat or waterfront home.  What are you waiting for? Buy now and see for yourself why customers call our BOAT POOLS "The best thing we ever bought to enjoy our boat!"