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Swim Platform

A swim platform is an excellent surface from which to use a Nettle Net. Start by taking the pool out of its storage bag and unraveling the pool on the swim platform. Locate the tie strap on the outside of the pool nearest to the air valve and tie onto the tie strap a short length of rope to use as a security line (2 – 4 feet long). This line will help you to control the pool as you feed the pool into the water, and then as you lay your swim ladder into the pool. It will also help you control the pool when you remove your swim ladder from the pool and begin to bring the pool back up to the swim platform when you are retrieving the pool. And most importantly, you will tie this line to your swim ladder to secure the pool to your boat. This security line keeps the pool attached to your boat and prevents it from floating away in the event that your swim ladder floats upwards.  

Put the air valve on the pool into the closed position, and begin pumping with the enclosed foot pump. The Nettle Net cannot be over-inflated using the pump supplied; however, any type of electric or compressor pump could over-inflate and burst the float ring, ruining the pool. The pools typically only need 3-4 psi pressure for inflation. Feed the pool into the water as you inflate it. It does not take much air for the float ring to float and support the pool. As you feed the pool into the water, the weighted rope in the bottom of the pool will begin to take the netting down into the water, gently moving any jellyfish away. 
If the pool develops kinks or folds while inflating, let the most eager swimmer slide into the pool and help the pool take shape. Once the pool is fully inflated, lay your swim ladder into the pool and tie the security line to your swim ladder. Remove the foot pump from the valve and put the dust cover back on the valve. You are now ready to swim. Enjoy!

Always retrieve the Nettle Net prior to any storm.
To retrieve the pool, first untie the security line from the swim ladder. Hold on to the security line. While someone holds the security line, lift the swim ladder out of the pool. Open the air valve dust cover on the float ring and put the valve into the open position. Much of the air in the float ring will rush right out. Gently, hand over hand, bring the pool up out of the water and onto the swim platform. Let any water drain from the netting for a few moments. What you do next with the pool will depend on whether you are heading to a new anchorage, or heading home. Please see Caring for Your Boat Pool for instructions on each potential scenario.


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