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Dock Or Pier

Preparing Your Dock or Pier
About 25% of our customers currently use their Nettle Net Boat Pool successfully from a pier or dock.  However, to minimize the risk of the pool coming into contact with sharp barnacles which can damage the pool, you should prepare the dock prior to launching your Nettle Net for the first time.  These preparations include a installing a retractable swim ladder, removing barnacles from pilings and surfaces near the pool area, and putting indoor/outdoor carpeting on the pilings and dock edges where the pool could come into contact.  Click here to download PDF file with additional information on using your Nettle Net from your pier or dock.

Once you have prepared your dock and are ready to launch your pool, remove the pool from its mesh storage bag and unravel the pool on your dock. Be careful of splintered wood, nail heads, or any sharp objects that could catch on the netting or possibly damage the float ring. Locate the tie strap on the outside of the pool nearest to the air valve and tie onto the tie strap a short length of rope to use as a security line (2 – 6 feet long, depending on the height of your dock from the water). This line will help you to control the pool as you feed the pool into the water and when you begin to bring the pool back up to the dock when you are retrieving the pool. And most importantly, you will tie this line to your swim ladder to secure the pool to your dock. Depending on the wind, tide, and current, you will probably also want to tie one or two additional longer mooring lines to the tie straps along the sides of the pool. These lines can be tied off to cleats, pilings, or even boats to help hold the pool in place while in use.
Put the air valve on the pool into the closed position, and begin pumping with the enclosed foot pump. Inflate as hard as possible using the foot pump. The Nettle Net cannot be over-inflated using the pump supplied; however, any type of electric or compressor pump could over-inflate and burst the float ring, ruining the pool. Feed the pool into the water after you can see the float ring starting to fill with air. Hold the valve up near the pump and continue pumping to get all wrinkles out of the float ring. Remove the foot pump from the valve and put the dust cover back on the valve. While holding on to the security line and/or a mooring line, drop the rest of the Nettle Net into the water, pull into position resting against the swim ladder. Secure the pool to the ladder with the security line, and tie off the mooring lines to convenient cleats or pilings to hold the pool in place against the swim ladder. You are ready to swim! Enjoy!
You can enter and exit the pool by the swim ladder. Be careful and step gently as you step on the pool material that is resting against the swim ladder.
Never leave a pool deployed off a dock or pier in a storm or in rough weather. It is not recommended to leave a Nettle Net in the water overnight off a dock or use for more than three successive days without drying the net. Storms and excessive algae will damage a Nettle Net. There is also a risk in leaving a pool in the water overnight that a passing boat could hit or become entangled by a pool, possibly destroying the pool and damaging the boat.
To retrieve the pool, first untie or loosen the mooring lines. Make sure that the lines are still secure, or that someone is holding them, to prevent the pool from floating away. Then untie the security line from the swim ladder. Hold on to the security line. Lift the pool enough so that you can open the air valve. Open the air valve dust cover on the float ring and put the valve into the open position. Much of the air in the float ring will rush right out. Gently, hand over hand, bring the pool up out of the water and onto the dock. Let any water drain from the netting for a few moments.
For information on storing your pool, click here.   

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