Nettle Net Boat Pool
Launching and Retrieving
Caring For Your Boat Pool
Minor Repairs

After each use
Once you are ready to store your Nettle Net Boat Pool, give it a rinse with fresh water and let it fully dry in the sun.

When the pool is dry you are ready to roll up the pool.  Lay the pool out and find the end of the float ring opposite the air valve. There should be a tie strap at approximately that position. Put the valve into the open position .  Begin rolling the float ring from the end opposite the valve, with the float ring material doubled over. Gather and flip the netting material occasionally as you roll the float ring. Rolling the float ring with the air valve open squeezes any remaining air out of the float ring. When you are done rolling, put the air valve back into the closed position for storage, and in preparation for the next time you will inflate the pool. Close the dust cover on the valve.

Fold the netting material over the valve to protect the valve and stuff the pool back into its mesh storage bag. Tighten the drawstring and you are ready to store the pool.
End of season care
At the end of the season, fresh water rinse your Nettle Net on your lawn, dry in the sun and store in a dry dark area. You could also soak your pool in a tub or clean bucket or trashcan in a very mild water and detergent mix. This will help keep the netting softer over a period of years. Fresh water rinse and dry your pool before storage.

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