Nettle Net Boat Pool
How hard are they to launch?

They really are quick and easy to use. Simply take the Nettle Net Boat Pool out of its storage bag, unravel the pool, and begin pumping with the included foot pump. We modify the adaptor on the foot pump tube so that it locks into the valve in the pools, allowing you to have both hands free to feed the pool into the water. A boat with a swim platform is the ideal work surface from which to launch the pools. Just feed the pool into the water as you inflate the float ring. If you don't have a swim platform, don't fret, people have been using the pools for years from boats without swim platforms. Just feed the pool into the water over the side of the boat (detailed instructions come included with the pools). In both cases, make sure to tie a short security line (not included) to one of the tie straps on the outside of the pool, preferably the strap nearest to the valve. Once the pool is fed out into the water, lay your swim ladder into the pool and tie the security line to your swim ladder so the pool will stay attached to your boat if the swim ladder floats up. Send the most eager swimmer into the pool to help the pool assume a circular shape, and then you are all set. Once you do it a few times, you'll be launching the 8 or 12 foot pools in less than 5 minutes, and the 20 foot pool in just a couple more. 

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Here is a link to a video that we made with the folks from Chesapeake Bay Magazine! Hopefully it can help to demonstrate the pools and how to use them. 

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