Nettle Net Boat Pool
How do I patch a float ring?

First, try to avoid situations where the Nettle Net Boat Pool could become damaged. Most small float ring leaks are caused by contact with barnacles or sharp spots on boats. The pools are durable, but can be damaged. Try to police the portions of your boat where the pool may come in contact (particularly around the stern) and remove sharp objects. Dock users please see the "Info for dock users" page on the website. 20 foot pools come with a patch kit that works with the exterior material on those pools. Repairs for 8 and 12 foot pools are as follows. 

Buy a small bottle of Contact Cement with a brush (a form of rubber cement). This is a brand name, manufactured by the DAP company. You can find bottles at your local hardware store, they usually only cost a couple dollars. No other glue or adhesive will work and will actually make it difficult or impossible to subsequently do a proper repair. For a small pinhole leak, first find the leak by submerging the floatring under the water to locate air bubbles. Second, mark the exact location of the air bubbles with a pencil. Third, after the floatring is completely dry, brush 3 coats of contact cement over the leak area. Let the contact cement dry an hour or more between each coat. The last coat must dry overnight before inflating the pool to be a permanent repair. More than 3 coats are better. 

For leaks larger than 1mm, do the same as described above, but also make a patch 1" larger than the hole by simply putting 3 coats of contact cement on both sides of any small piece of fabric (with at least 35% polyester content) and around the damaged area, letting each coat dry until tacky and then roll the patch over the damages area. Cover and weight down. Women's panty or bra material, 100% nylon or polyester, works best as it is very stretchy. This provides a nice flexible patch and will be a permanent repair. No other type of material (except original material) will work because the material will not stretch enough.  

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