About Us

Have you ever not gone swimming because of stinging sea nettles or jellyfish? 

Fear the jellyfish no more – Nettle Net BOAT POOLS are here…!
Imagine minutes after anchoring, you and your family and friends can be in a cool net pool protected from jellyfish! 
Thousands of swimmers use Nettle Net BOAT POOLS from their boats and docks – successful use for thirty years attests to their quality and popularity. Nettle Nets are simply wonderful devices. Pick a quiet anchorage and within minutes you can swim within a fine mesh net that shields you from stinging jellyfish. You lounge and swim within a buoyant floatring constructed of the best tough, aircraft survival-quality coated fabric. They are also great corrals for children – the kids are not 100 yards out – they’re close by in the Nettle Net BOAT POOL
There is a lot of information about our pools here on our website. Please check out the rest of the site. And please feel free to call us at 800-962-9020 if you have any questions, or to place an order! We accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express and we ship orders by UPS.
You can experience what many of our customers tell us – “Our Nettle Net was the best thing I ever bought to enjoy my boat!”   Visit our Testimonials page to learn more.