Launching and Retrieving

With a little practice, you can launch and retrieve your Nettle Net Boat Pool in minutes.  While a Nettle Net can be a bit unwieldy if not deployed and retrieved properly, reading and following the instructions provided will enable you to easily become adept at quick deployment and storage.  Usually it takes only 2 minutes to deploy an 8 foot pool, 3 minutes to deploy a 12 foot pool and 5 minutes to deploy a 20 foot pool.  Retrieval times are similar.

Nettle Net BOAT POOLS can be used successfully in a variety of swimming situations.  Please click on the links below or on the left hand side of this page for additional information about how to launch or retrieve your pool given your intended usage.

From a Boat with a Swim Platform

From a Boat without a Swim Platform

From a Dock or Pier