Caring For Your Boat Pool

You have several options as to what to do with your Nettle Net Boat Pool once you have retrieved it from the water. If you are heading to another anchorage, you can let the pool sit in your cockpit or on your aft deck. It can sit in the open, or you may want to stuff it into a plastic bag. Whatever you do, please make sure that the pool cannot fall off of the boat, especially when you are underway. If you want to dry the pool right away, you can spread it out on your deck to dry. Please be careful to protect the pool from any sharp objects, or any objects on which you could catch and tear the netting or float ring. Due to space limitations on your boat, you may need to adjust the netting periodically to air out all sections to dry. Since none of the materials of the pool absorb water, the pools dry in about an hour in the sun. If you are heading back home or back to port, you may want to stuff the pool into a plastic bag. That way you can easily transport the pool home, where you can rinse and dry it.

The pool can stay wet inside a plastic or storage bag for a short period of time, perhaps a day or a couple days. DO NOT STORE THE POOL WET FOR ANY LONGER PERIOD OF TIME. The pool should not rot if stored wet, but anything that is stored wet could develop mildew. You especially want to be sure to fully dry the pool if there is any algae (green or brown color) on the net. Drying kills algae that would decay and produce an unpleasant odor. Once you are ready to store your pool, give it a rinse with fresh water and let it fully dry in the sun.