8 Foot Pool

The 8 foot diameter “hot tub” pool is a perfect non-swimming size jellyfish protection net pool. Weighing only 5 pounds it stores in a tiny net bag about 10 inches in diameter. With an area of 50 square feet, it is great for enjoying a delightful moonlight dip on quiet, warm summer nights. Hold this pool in the palm of your hand! 
Above: Nettle Net founder Dave Dianich relaxes in one of the original 8 foot Nettle Net BOAT POOLS (left) while his daughters display an 8 foot pool on the beach (right).
Product Details:
Size-Diameter 8 feet
Model Name "Hot Tub" Boat Pool
Swimming Area 50 square feet
2-3 people
Description Compact, but good -
Perfect for couples or
small families
Depth of Netting 8 feet
2 minutes
Weight 5 lbs.
Storage Size (in
"Soccer Ball"
Price $599.00

Above:  Kids at play on a hot summer day 

Here is a link to a video that we made with the folks from Chesapeake Bay Magazine! Hopefully it can help to demonstrate the pools and how to use them. 

Click here to view our YouTube video.

If the above link doesn't work, Please copy and paste this link into your browser:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7PJH_GJ9WE4

If the link does not work, please just go to Youtube and search for "Nettle Net Boat Pool"