20 Foot Pool

The 20 foot pool is the original Nettle Net BOAT POOL. We call this the “swimming” boat pool, and at a whopping 314 square feet it creates a jellyfish free swim area large enough for a gaggle of people and family fun swimming. It is perfect for active children, teenagers, and adults. It is ideal for raft-ups with friends and boating clubs.
Product Details:
Size-Diameter 20 feet
Model Name "Swim" Boat Pool
Swimming Area 314 square feet
A "gaggle" of people
Description 2 x the price but triple
the area
Depth of Netting 8 feet
6 minutes
Weight 18 lbs.
Storage Size (in
"15" Beach Ball"
Price $1.599.00

Above:  20 foot pool being used by a power boat at anchor

Below:  20 foot pool at use at a dock and looking down into the pool from a boat at anchor